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Meaningful People

Dec 2, 2023

This week we sat down and spoke with Yossi Landau from ZAKA.

Founded in 1995, Zaka's volunteers arrive at the scene with one mission: to recover the bodies of those who die in an unnatural way.  

In Judaism, a person must be buried whole.

ZAKA's crews work tirelessly to recover as many body parts as they can from the scenes they are called to.  It's considered the greatest mitzvah a Jew can perform for another person. 

Yossi Landau has been with the organization for 33 years and has been all over the world. Yossi was a first responder on October 7th.  In this episode he tells us what he experienced.


(Viewers discretion is advised.)


They are still there!
Another day, and another, and Zaka volunteers are still out in the field. 
Among the smoking wrecks that were homes, the remnants of the horrid inferno, they are not giving up until the last of the murdered is brought to proper burial. 

The houses are empty, but they are still there, at risk to their own lives, doing the holy work of honoring the bodies. 

And where are we?
We must stand by them.
We must help Zaka now!

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