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Meaningful People

May 28, 2022

Raquel Kirszenbaum was born in Isla de Margarita, part of Venezuela, before moving to Panama. After a life-changing experience at Neve Yerushalayim, she chose for herself a life pulsing with vibrant Judaism. After studying in Israel for some time, she began teaching in Panama where she started her career teaching Judaic studies at a local high school and at Midrasha Horev.

She has extensively developed her career teaching Judaism to people from all paths of life, becoming an internationally sought-after speaker; having spoken in the USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and South Africa.

Raquel currently teaches at Neve Yerushalayim . Her unique style of teaching attracts people from all levels and personalities, taking students on a journey where emotion and intellect join in a way full of humor, enthusiasm, and happiness. 

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