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Meaningful People

Aug 1, 2020

Shimrit Adar was born in Israel and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Though she currently resides there with her husband and four children, she thoroughly enjoys spreading her joy all over the world.
Shimi is a motivational speaker, an MC, and an entertainer.

Shimi taught Zumba classes for a decade, even spearheading several Zumbathons for charity, with a cover story in the Wall Street Journal. She was (and continues to be!) the MC at numerous Challah Bakes, including one down in Panama!

Shimi’s spirit and her passion for making a positive impact on people have taken her to cities far and wide. Atlanta. Toronto. Miami. Lakewood. Dallas. Jerusalem. Panama City. Johannesburg. Rio Grande. Punta Cana.

Shimi loves sharing meaningful slogans and quotes. One of her favorite mottos that she lives by is, “Be the reason someone smiles.”

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