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Meaningful People

Dec 30, 2023

Avi Fishoff, the son of the well known Benny Fishoff A"H, personally gives 24/7 support to hundreds of familes with teens or young adults in crisis.

Avi is the founder of Home Sweet Home and Twisted Parenting. The author of GPS! Navigation For Your Soul, CPR! Resucitation For Your Soul and now newly released Raising...

Dec 23, 2023


Rachel Goldberg-Polin, 54, is a soft-spoken teacher who grew up in Chicago and has since moved and resides in Jerusalem with her family.

She is remarkably comfortable in the unwanted role she has inhabited since shortly after Oct. 7: the international voice, face and conscience of the hostage...

Dec 16, 2023

David J. Lieberman, PhD, is a renowned psychotherapist and internationally recognized leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships, who has empowered millions of people through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars. His thirteen books, which have been translated into...

Dec 9, 2023

What are the rules of war according to the Torah?


What does the Torah say about hostage deals?


Are we seeign signs of Moshiach?


We discuss these questions + so much more with YouTube's #1 Rabbi, Rabbi Manis Friedman.

You can see more about R' Friedman at his website;

Dec 2, 2023

This week we sat down and spoke with Yossi Landau from ZAKA.

Founded in 1995, Zaka's volunteers arrive at the scene with one mission: to recover the bodies of those who die in an unnatural way.  

In Judaism, a person must be buried whole.

ZAKA's crews work tirelessly to recover as many body parts as they can from the...