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Meaningful People

Oct 29, 2022

Gavriel Aryeh Sanders’ spent twenty years as a Protestant evangelical minister, including several years of missionary activity in Israel, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, before a spiritual odyssey eventually led to his taking on Torah-observant Judaism. He has spoken to to Jewish audiences in synagogues, yeshivas, kiruv organizations, and conferences across North America, as well as in Costa Rica, Singapore, and Israel. His efforts within the Jewish world include ten years with ArtScroll Mesorah Publications in marketing and more recently six+ years as a Hebrew instructor in a well-known area Jewish high school.  He says his passion for Hebrew provided him the glasses needed to see the truth in Torah and to embrace a life of observance and avodas Hashem.


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Beginning of a New Year, and guess what?

Achas Sha’alti 3 is here!

Once again, the whole family - young & old alike - will relish this stimulating mix of real-life stories, halachic challenges and solutions, along with Yoni Gerstein’s delightful illustrations. Based on Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein’s Veha’arev Na – this Young Readers edition offers everyone an exciting parsha sefer that will highlight your Shabbos table every week in the New Year.


Re-Imagine Your Key Relationships with Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen’s transformational new book.

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